W. 57th St.

Oscar Grant’s New Year’s Day murder, MLK’s assassination date, “jigaboo” or “uncle tom” imagery alongside  welcoming faces of family photographs. A color palette of blues and violets gently hold space in the breakdown of culture, history and the concept of past, present and future. Stitched together is a multi-layered quilt of historical, matriarchal lineage through the use of family photographs and silkscreen.

W. 57th st. offers a glance into the intersection of cultural memory, the shifting of identity and time. It takes on notions of home and comfort, estrangement and being watched. Re-contextualizing time as an assassination and influx of the past, present and future. The praxis into the perfectly imperfect/messy notions of time has lead to the idea of invoking cultural memory and the potential for transformation identity.