I am a gatherer of images, dates, magazines and ideas. Utilizing photographs as my starting point I curate elements together like a patchwork—a process that is both autobiographical and communal in its expression. Inspired by the language, literature and history of Black culture, I have begun to use literary writers like Richard Wright and Toni Morrison as a building block on which my work expands. A world in which past, present and future mix.

As contemporary visual artist and arts educator who’s work explores identity, race and representation through the use of personal and historical history. I look to find the right medium to express my vision. Utilizing photographs as a starting point while expanding into other mediums like screen printing, mixed-media, collage, multimedia videos and at times performances.

I currently hold an MFA in Fine Art Photography from Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Artist and a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute.

Currently living and creating work in the Arizona. If you’d like to connect further reach me at ShortyGreene@Gmail.com or follow my social media. Instagram @ShortyGreenePro

CV by email request.

Mountains that watch over Us 24" by 60"

Mountains that watch over Us, Peru 2010, 24″ by 60″